"Dedication, Motivation, Action"
Sectoral Reports
We carry out SWOT analysis for the future of the sectors. Then we benchmark with the other countries about export and import stats. The stats of the sector will be the key indicator to understand the sector capacity.
Market Research
We gather information about target markets and customers. We identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performances. We analyze feasibility of the market and provide a reasonable penetration strategy for the new markets. We help to draw a road map for all investors.
Economic Social Reports
We research the economy both in Turkey and around the world and follow trends for make financial and economic analysis. We provide medium-and long-term economical policies.
We provide services to help companies for their growth strategy. We bring SMEs who want to open their companies to investment and FDIs who want to invest in Turkish market together.
Capacity Building
We set forth the capacity of companies with exact models and give advices about improving the capacity.
Risk Management
We set forth the methods to minimize the investment risks and give chance to work with reliable partners. We detect all the risks and start to solve the problems until inputs become outputs.
Evaluation Assesment
We provide our clients more than just recommendations. We provide comprehensive and objective information about problem areas that are reducing efficiency or increasing the costs.
Networking Building
Our purpose is building bridge between international and domestic investors to invest in Turkey and developing countries as well.
We provide services to help companies for their growth strategy. We bring SMEs who want to open their companies to investment and FDIs who want to invest in Turkish market together.
Investment Consulting Strategy
We provide investment and management consultancy services for all international and domestic investors. Investment strategy covers risks and profit. Our benchmarks develop the best strategy to provide the highest profit with the least risk. Some specific sectors like; energy, health, services, tourism and agriculture we light the way for our customers.
Project Management
We are the Project House. We update processes and procedures in accordance with changing conditions and techniques. If you want sustainable project, we will make it with a minimum of risk and high profit.
Greenfield Turnkey Projects
We encourage foreign investors to invest in Turkey and Turkish investors to invest in developing countries. We will be back to back with our investor’s .We support investors from the beginning of the project until it becomes a real investment. (A to Z Consultancy). We serve complete solutions to investors. If it needs, the application to the grants and incentives will be driven by PhD Consulting teams.
Local Incentives
We provide the investor to benefit from Turkish government incentives by means of tax reduction and investment subsidy.
We apply to the grants on behalf of our clients. We inform our clients about opened periodical grants opportunities.

∙ Development Agencies Projects:

We inform our clients about opened periodical grants opportunities of DAP, and provide application of available projects.

∙ EU Projects:

There is a huge amount of EU grants for Turkey as an acceding country. We provide our clients to reach these opportunities.

∙ Other Grants

Clustering, Development of International Competition Projects, Export incentives and etc.
We provide the investor to benefit from Turkish government incentives by means of tax reduction and investment subsidy.
We are effective, dynamic and reliable “Investment and Management Consulting” company, specialized in investment opportunities in Turkey and international markets. Our motto is, “Dedication – Motivation – Action”, we generate quick and result oriented solutions which are fitting our customers’ needs. As PhD Consulting, we have a huge experience and network in every facet of business life cycle in Turkish market. PhD Consulting is one of the Turkish pioneer consulting companies which dreams building bridges between investors from all over the region. Our experienced, expert and academic consultants support our customers in every stage, from A to Z of investment.

PhD’s proposed methodology is structured to control the time, cost and quality of the investment project, to enhance the success of the project and increase Client’s satisfaction. The systematic application of development and management tools, to determine the optimum development plan, to develop project management systems and to propose innovative investment opportunities are our key points.
  • Domestic & International Development
  • We support domestic investors who want to launch in international markets and foreign investors who want to invest in Turkey before investment decision, during investment process and after operation. We guide investors about tax reductions, incentives, grant and monetary backing. We diversify our customers’ financial resources. We strengthen our customers about investment decision.

  • Philosophy of Growth
  • It is our philosophy and practice to always work in partnership with our clients to ensure the success of their projects. The idea behind an investment consultant is that they are part of the client's investment strategy for a long period of time. The consultant's job is to actively monitor the client's investments and continue to work with the client as goals changing over time.

    We provide quality, timely delivered products as promised. We offer our clients superior service and quality. PhD Consulting advises clients on which methods, processes, policies and plans, they should consider when making financial or economic decisions.

  • Business Plan Management
  • Upon our vast experience, we help investors to penetrate a new market and to start up their business. We show the steps to go forward in a new market.

  • Researches & Reports
  • We prepare detailed sector reports including SWOT analyses, prices, capacities, competitive climate, make forecasts, provide the most accurate information to clients and help them realize what their best options are in the market. As PhD Consulting, our aim is to help to draw a road map for all our clients.

  • Marketing & Sales Strategies
  • We prepare marketing and sales strategies for our clients. These projects provide market insights to identify new opportunities for growth.

    Our company’s network is fed from Turkish SMEs which are located in all part of Anatolia. If you have a new investment target, if you are aware of incentives but you do not know how to benefit from them and if you look for the ideal strategy for investment, just contact us!

    PhD has developed procedures, tools and peer review processes allowing us to be efficient and cost effective during implementation of project. We also participate in ongoing conversations with our clients, make formal presentations when requested, and offer advice based upon our vast experience. Because we believe that, an advisor has to help investors with their long-term investment planning. An investment consultant team does more in-depth work on formulating clients' investment strategies, helping them to fulfill their needs and goals.
    ERKAN BEYLEM, Researcher
    Graduate: Computer Engineering
    MBA: Business Administration
    Experiences: Research Analysis, Software Programming
    Languages: English, Turkish
    E-Mail: erkan.beylem@phdstrategy.com
    HÜSNA KAYYUM, Project Manager
    Graduate: Business-Economics and Business Administration
    Experiences: Fair-Forum Coordination, Foreign Relations Coordination, Coordination of Foreign Countries Organisation
    Languages: Turkish, English, Arabic, Uzbek , Persian
    E-Mail: husna.kayyum@phdstrategy.com
    RANA PAŞAOĞLU, Project Assistant
    Graduate: Political Science and International Relations
    MA: International Political Economy
    Experiences: Foreign Policy Research, Working organization / Social organization
    Languages: English, Turkish, Turkmen
    E-Mail: rana.pasaoglu@phdstrategy.com
  • ∙ Protecting the interest of our customers and providing the profit maximization are our priority.
  • ∙ We work our customers on the basis of confidentiality and mutual trust.
  • ∙ We give importance to the contribution of our projects conducted to our country, society and economy.
  • ∙ We are open to change and development. We are confident enough to compete with the World.
  • ∙ We are loyal to shared beliefs and values in our society. We want to keep them alive, develop and move them to different geographies.
  • ∙ We respect the local cultures and traditions of the region that we work in, we give importance to differences.
  • ∙ We develop projects and resolutions that do not damage environment and historic fabric; we take social sensitivity into account.
  • ∙ We are sensitive to waste of energy resources and sustainable use of natural sources.
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    As CEO and founding partner of PhD Consulting, I welcome you to our website and would like to take this opportunity to share a few thoughts.

    The investment and management consulting sector is changing rapidly, driven by the today’s business environment and challenging economic conditions. Across the world, clients increasingly want to see results, not just reports. It is important for consulting firms to possess a depth of competence in a range of services that spans the spectrum of clients’ business needs. At this point, our commitment is to not only advice, but also implement strategies and deliver true results. As PhD Consulting, we want to be successful, but we also want to make a difference.

    To serve our clients at the highest possible levels we pride ourselves in finding and hiring the best team available, providing them with best opportunities and encouraging them to be innovative and creative.

    Our values are the spirit of our company and these values lead us to success and assist us in setting a course for the future.

    We sustain a corporate culture based on integrity, focused on treating clients ethically and making their priorities, our priorities. Acting with integrity in everything we do paves the way for innovation and success for our clients and our team.

    I personally stand behind each of our engagements. We are firmly committed to our clients' success we know that our success will naturally follow.

    On behalf of all of us at PhD Consulting, I thank you for your interest.


    Dr. Eyüp Vural AYDIN
    General Manager


    Turkey has a promising economy with a bright future as it is expected to become the fastest growing economy among the OECD members during 2012-2017 with an average annual real GDP growth rate of 5.2 percent. We have highly competitive investment conditions and possess strong industrial and service culture. As PhD Consulting, we would like to use this opportunity and build bridges between Turkey and foreign investors.

    Our primary focus is with our clients, we strive to walk within our own facilities and values. We have set new goals to generate quick and result oriented solutions which are fitting our customers’ needs.

    PhD Consulting is a progressive and forward-thinking company dedicated to the pursuit of global growth opportunities. We are experts in forging partnerships to improve performance, reduce costs, and build strong, innovative businesses.

    We continue to seek new opportunities for growth across geographies and industries. With a continued focus on investment management, we maintain high standards of performance and accountability in all of our businesses.

    The most important tool that we apply is knowledge, both the Turkish and global business environment in which we work.


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